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Credits (Personal Selection)


Eve Gallagher

I have first worked with the magnificent Eve Gallagher back in 1998. Her voice is as strong today as it was back then. Always a pleasure to work with her and Uli Heinzler (co producer, bass) as well as with Patrick Murdoch (guit) and Ondrej Pivec (keys).

Blood Sky

Aaron Asteria

Aaron Asteria's now single. Drums recorded at my studio. Produced by Phil Merk.

Into The Blue

Sam Swallow

My friend Sam's debut album. Crazy days! Very proud to play drums on one of his songs. Guess which one!

Alls Drby


Natacha's latest album. Recorded all drums and picked producer and musicians for this one. We recorded this album in British Grove Studios and Abbey Road Studio 3.

Blue Eyed Soul

Simply Red

Recorded in Mark Knopfler's famous British Grove Studios. We've recorded all the songs as proper "takes" with only little overdubs. Like in the old days. Get this one on vinyl!

Symphonica in Rosso (DVD/CD)

Simply Red

Filmed and recorded on one of the three nights we played at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam accompanied by a rather large and sexy orchestra. What a THRILL!!!

80's Symphonic


Fifteen original 80's hits with an orchestra recorded at Abbey Roads Studios, what's there not to like? You can hear me on the Simple Minds track "Alive and Kicking" and on Simply Red's "Holding Back the Years".

Big Love

Simply Red

I've played drums and percussion on all songs but "Dad" and "Each Day" which both feature the magnificent Pete Lewinson on drums.

Small Town

Nicole Bernegger

This album was recorded in just four days. Nicole and I grew up together in the small town of Möhlin and it was a coincidence (or was it?) that I was the drummer on this London session. Love it!

Diamond In The Dust


You can hear my playing on the following tracks: 4 - My Creation / 5 - Don't Be Kind / 11 - Wake Up Little Girl / 12 - Dream In Colour / 13 - End Of The Show

American Soul

Mick Hucknall

Mick's favourite soul tunes! I hit the skins on all tracks but "Girl That Radiates That Charme", on which you can hear Geoff Holroyde on drums.

American Soul Deluxe

Mick Hucknall

The deluxe edition is a two disc set. First CD is the studio album (see above), second CD is a live recording at the Royal Albert Hall on September 19, 2012.

Peter Grant

Peter Grant

I arrived in London just in time to record the last song of this session, "Innocent Times". I love this track for many reasons...

No 10


One of my first proper recording session back in Switzerland.

Roman Roth

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Drummer, best known for recording and touring with Simply Red
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