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Online Lessons Quick Guide

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Interested in online lessons with me? Here's a quick guide of how to make it an enjoyable, successful and productive experience:

  • You need a laptop with good internet connection. This is crucial for the lesson to go smoothly. While your smartphone will work, it's really much nicer on a bigger screen than the one on your phone. But anything will work as long as you have a good internet connection.

  • Please preinstall zoom (, 100% free) and follow these instructions prior to the lesson:

  • The lesson will be held in English, German or Swiss German so you should be able to speak and understand one of these three languages.

  • Video: Make sure you find a nice spot for the laptop for you to see the screen, and for me to see both your hands and the snare drum. If you want to spend a few additional bucks, I would suggest to get a USB webcam and mount it above your drum kit, like so:

  • Your laptops internal microphone works fine for this. Again, wanna spend a bit more? Get a USB microphone (like a blue snowball or similar).

  • During the lesson, I will record short video clips of important exercises for you to be able to watch back after the lesson has finished.

All cool? Then let's do this.

I'm looking forward to meeting you! Rx

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1 Comment

David Butcher
David Butcher
Feb 05, 2021

Hi Roman. Interested in having you assess my sons playing and a few lessons. Can you give me some indication of timing and prices? Thanks.

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