Blood, Sweat & Tears

Blood, Sweat & Tears


This book (pdf) combines 34 (all very useful) hi-hat patterns with 19 sheets of kick and snare drum exercises. For beginners and pros and everyone in between.



Hi there, fellow drummer and welcome to “Blood, Sweat & Tears”. One of the goals of this book

is to free up your timekeeping hand, moving your feel for groove and tempo from being a slave

to the hi-hat to something you feel within. You will notice that not only your playing will become

much more consistent but also you will improve your ability to listen and interact to what’s happening

around you.

Each chapter in this book combines 19 sheets of snare and bass drum exercises with one of

34 different hi-hat patterns, divided in three sections:


• Quarter and eighth notes kick and snare drum exercises (9 pages)

• Quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes (7 pages)

• Unison studies (3 pages)


All in all, we’re looking at 10’336 exercises... but don’t let that number scare you away, we’ve

got time!


How to use this book:

Beginners: Start with the first chapter and work through the first section. Be patient and don’t

forget to be a little bit proud of yourself for every exercise you have mastered! Have a look at

section 2 and 3, but if they are too difficult with the hi-hat, practice them without, while starting

the next chapter. My first goal for us is to master section one of chapter two.


Intermediate: You’re probably able to fly through section 1 of the first 14, or so, hi-hat patterns

but do not skip any pages! Sometimes we run into problems where we least expect them... Focus

on very precise execution of all exercises from very slow to medium tempi with and without

a metronome. Practice sections 2 and 3 slowly first, then build up speed gradually. Don’t forget

to also practice them at super-slow speeds.


Advanced: The first section of each chapter should be fairly easy for you. Why not make it a

bit tougher by playing it in a swing feel and/or singing a song while playing? Try playing the hihat

part on the ride cymbal while playing quarter/eighth notes with your hi-hat foot.


Ready to take it to the next level? Here we go... may the quarter note be with you!