Roman Roth




★ born in Rheinfelden, Switzerland

★ works and lives in London

★ endorses Giannini Swiss Drums, İstanbul Mehmet Cymbals and Agner Swiss Drumsticks

★ currently touring/recording with Mick Hucknall/Simply Red and recording with (producer) Andy Wright




Hi there, fellow drummer and welcome to “Blood, Sweat & Tears”. One of the goals of this book is to free up your timekeeping hand, moving your feel for groove and tempo from being a slave to the hi-hat to something you feel within. You will notice that not only your playing will become much more consistent but also you will improve your ability to listen and interact to what’s happening around you.

Each chapter in this book combines 19 sheets of snare and bass drum exercises with one of 34 (all very useful) hi-hat patterns, divided in three sections:

•  Quarter and eighth notes kick and snare drum exercises (9 pages)

•  Quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes (7 pages)

•  Unison studies (3 pages)

All in all, we’re looking at 10’336 exercises... but don’t let that number scare you away, we’ve got time!

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"Blood, Sweat & Tears is a fantastic teaching resource and practice tool. I like the layout and systemic approach a lot, my students really dig it too. Congrats on your work, Roman, an excellent product!!"

   -Richard "Doc Spoons" Spooner (UK)


"Roman Roth is a talented and versatile musician and has proved this yet again with his debut drum set instruction book "Blood, Sweat & Tears". The content is informative, diverse, and very useful for both beginners and advanced players."

   -Mario Caspar (CH)



Drums: Giannini Swiss Drums DHPD


20"x17" Bassdrum

10"x8" Tom

12"x9" Tom

14"x14" Floor Tom

14"x6 1/2" Snare


Giannini Leather Prototype *


20"x18" Bassdrum

10"x10" Tom

12"x10" Tom

14"x14" Floor Tom

14"x5" Snare


Sticks: Agner “Roman Roth” Sticks *


Cymbals: İstanbul Mehmet


20" Ride Traditional *

20" Ride Traditional Sizzle *

20" Ride Sultan Signature

20" Ride Radiant Rock

21" Ride X-jazz

20" Ride Pasha

22" Ride Vezir Flat

14" Hi-Hat Sultan *

14" Hi-Hat Radiant Regular

14" Hi-Hat Vezir

16" Crash Traditional Thin *

16" Crash Traditional Thin

18" Crash Traditional Medium *

17" Crash x-fx

8" Splash Traditional

8" Splash Sultan



* my setup for Mick Hucknall


under construction...

Mick Hucknall

American Soul


Drums on all tracks but #8 "The Girl That Radiates That Charm"

Peter Grant

Peter Grant


Drums on track #6 "Innocent Times"


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